Get Help Now

If you are struggling with pornography addiction or other compulsive sexual behaviors, we urge you to get help now. If you are in a relationship with someone struggling with pornography or compulsive sexual behaviors, we also encourage you to seek help.

  • Locate a therapist who specializes in treating pornography addiction and sexually compulsive behaviors. Contact us by email or call 801-814-6561 to request more information or ask a question.
  • Purchase Strengthening Recovery Through Strengthening Marriage: Healing From Pornography Addiction, a 6-CD audio series produced by Dr. Kevin B. Skinner and Geoff Steurer, M.S., LMFT. Available at
  • Visit SA Lifeline for educational videos, articles, SA and S-Anon 12-step meeting schedules and locations, and other helps. 12-step groups are a critical support for all stages of healing and recovery.
  • Visit Out in the Light for videos, articles, and support for those affected by pornography addiction.
  • Begin reading books and other recovery materials on our resource page