Phase 1: Getting Started Workshop

The Getting Started Workshop is the first phase of the LifeSTAR program. It is a six-week educational workshop for individuals and couples impacted by pornography and sexual addiction. The workshop is held on Tuesdays evenings from 6:00-9:00pm.

The Getting Started Workshop is not like the nightmarish group therapy you see on television where everyone is confronting each other and telling the whole group their personal secrets. It’s much safer than that.

The workshop is a closed group, which means that once the group begins, we aren’t adding new members to the group each week. The participants also sign confidentiality statements promising to safeguard the confidentiality of everyone attending the workshop.

The Getting Started Workshop is packed full of education and tools to help each individual make sense of where they are and what they need to do to have a successful recovery experience.

Participants complete four workbooks, three booklets, handouts, and other exercises. The workshop also includes dynamic instruction and support from Cyndi Tangren, Rob Chidester, and other members of the LifeSTAR team.

This workshop provides participants with a better understanding of the underlying causes of addiction and teaches both individuals and couples how to structure a successful long-term recovery.

Even though we encourage couples attend the workshop together, individuals who are not in a relationship or who won’t be including their partner are also encouraged to attend.

The LifeSTAR Phase 1 “Getting Started Workshop” costs $380 per person, or $760 per couple.

Contact us by email or call 801-814-6561 to join the next workshop, request more information, or ask a question.