Phase 3: Advanced Group

The Advanced Group is the third phase of the LifeSTAR program. It is a long-term commitment to group therapy and is geared toward helping participants maintain their newfound healthy lifestyles. Phase three participants have graduated from the second phase and continue to work in their separate small groups. The advanced groups are held weekly for 90 minutes. The third phase lasts approximately 12 months.

The men in the third phase of treatment have demonstrated a solid sobriety from the sexual acting out behaviors and are ready to do the more delicate work of healing shame, attachment, and other emotional issues that the addiction covered up. Once the underlying issues have been addressed, healthy lifestyle changes are reinforced in order to keep the addiction from reappearing in the future. Men also learn how to improve their relationships with their wives, children, extended family, co-workers, and friends.

The third phase for women helps them build on the strength and support they gained in the second phase. Most women have moved past the crisis of betrayal and are now able to work on healthy emotional expression, healing trauma, decreasing shame, and improving their most important relationships. Women in the third phase re-discover their best selves and build patterns for long-term healthy living.

For both men and women, phase three is a chance to practice living life without the constant threat of the addiction and helps each of them secure the gains from the two previous phases.

The LifeSTAR Phase 3 “Advanced Group” costs $47 per group and is billed as a monthly tuition.