Phase 2: Recovery Group

The Recovery Group the second phase of the LifeSTAR program. Participants who attend the second phase must complete the LifeSTAR Phase 1 “Getting Started Workshop.” The second phase builds on the foundation created in the first phase by adding four new workbooks and a more personalized recovery experience.

Men and women meet in separate groups to help them focus more on their specific individual recovery goals. Each group meets weekly for 90 minutes. Group sizes are kept small (between 4-10) to help create a more customized recovery experience for each participant.

Through weekly accountability, instruction, and participation in the recovery group, men learn how to overcome the pull of their sexually problematic behaviors. A highly-trained therapist who specializes in working with pornography and sexual addiction facilitates each group and helps each man customize his own recovery experience.

The phase two group for women provides a safe environment to make sense of the often confusing and disorienting experience of living with someone struggling with sexually compulsive behaviors. Women are able to connect with other women, talk in a safe and confidential setting, become educated, and organize the thoughts and emotions related to their experience. A highly-trained therapist specializing in working with the unique needs of women healing from betrayal facilitates each group, giving each woman a customized recovery experience.

Because the phase two group work focuses on the individual recoveries for men and women, couples are encouraged to seek counseling from a qualified couples counselor. This ensures that their individual recovery efforts strengthen and support their relationship.

The LifeSTAR Phase 2 “Recovery Group” costs $47 per group and is billed as a monthly tuition.